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The Forager Botanical Whisky is the world’s FIRST botanical Canadian whisky. Every bottle of The Forager is infused with five wild botanicals; finding them demands patience. We forage from the Canadian wilderness, searching far and wide to respectfully and responsibly hand-pick the finest of these five natural botanicals. Our Master Whisky Blender, Bill Ashburn, infuses these wild botanicals with Canadian whisky, aged in virgin oak casks at our Forty Creek Distillery in Grimsby, Ontario.

Forager wild-sourced botanicals, juniper berries, Labrador tea, spruce tips, mugwort, and sweet fern.


The Forager is whisky steeped in wild-sourced botanicals to craft a spirit that is unexpected, light yet complex, and a fresh herbal flavour that will delight whisky and gin enthusiasts. The Forager is crafted by steeping a 4-year-old Canadian whisky for 48 hours with wild botanicals; the process is similar to steeping tea. Our five wild botanicals include juniper berries from the eastern shores of Georgian Bay, Labrador tea from the Laurentians of Quebec, spruce tips from the lands of Nova Scotia, mugwort from the outskirts of Creemore Ontario, and sweet fern from the edge of Algonquin Park.

The result of this unique alchemy is a botanical whisky and gin substitute noted for the light amber colour and medley of flavours including toffee, herbal tea, and a long peppery finish with an aroma of fresh-cut pine and a hint of candied citrus.

The Forager Botanical Whisky will truly defy expectations, whether you’re sipping it on the rocks or substituting it into a traditional gin and tonic cocktail for a unique flavour experience.


For the at-home mixologist looking to craft an elevated gin and tonic cocktail experience, try this refreshing take on the traditional gin and tonic recipe.

The Forager & Tonic

1oz The Forager Botanical Whisky
3oz Tonic
Build in a tall glass, over ice
Garnish with a slice of lemon

The Forager and Tonic cocktail with lemon wedges


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